Best Free Sugar Daddy Apps Reviews

Being rich and having lots of money to spend is a desire for most of the guys across the world. Who doesn’t want to have flawless life and no worries about the next day? Successful businessmen around the globe spending money on girls like nobody else. Sugar daddies (this is how we can call them for now) are well known for being rich, independent and surrounded by pretty, attractive girls. Sugar babies (and all the girls who are willing to date rich guys) known well how to manage lifestyle and be a “living toy” for a rich, older guy who is in love with her.

Sugar daddies- sugar babies relationships are common in the rich men’s world and sometimes they have nothing to do with affair or romance since some of those relations do not rely on sex but on spending time together and great conversations.

Does it sound great? If you are looking for a sugar baby, or sugar daddy to spice up your life, we have something for you.

#1. Sugar Daddy Meet #2. Millionaire Match #3. Seeking Arrangement #4. Sudy #5. SugarD

Sugar dating is a new trend which getting more and more popular especially towards young and rich guys who are looking for a sexy and attractive woman. If you are willing to have a sweet and luxurious life, you definitely need to check out Sugar Daddy Meet, popular dating application for iOS system. This app is a corresponding tool with a site which is targeted for sugar dating as well. This is a great, fast and efficient way to meet and greet sexy ladies across the world who are waiting to be your sugar baby.

Look and Feel

While starting the app for the first time, it will lead you to sing up the process. If you have a valid account on you can use all information you have already for login. The application looks professional and well-made. The White background is pleasant for eyes. User’s interface looks great and all functions are clearly available from the very first start. Sugar Daddy Meet is free to download and works great on iOS 8.0 or above.

Key Features

Sugar Daddy Meet is an application related to meeting sugar babies and sugar daddies that are looking for commitment and affair. In order to meet all those attractive and rich people, this application is packed with a bunch of great tools and features. Communication is on highest level here and works perfectly. You can send and receive messages to whoever you want to, without any limitations and instantly. The searching tool is perfect for advanced and sophisticated criteria and for sure will lead you to profiles which you find interesting. You are allowed to browse sugar babies and daddies anonymously, which is a big plus when it comes to internet dating and protection.

Due to social media feeling, you are able to launch a different kind of activities and invite other members to join you. Keep in touch with members’ newest posts and trends by browsing their profiles instantly. With a great match matching tool, you can let other users know if you are interested in meeting them by swipe right for yes and left for no. In order to use all of those great features, you need to become a paid member. 1-month subscription membership cost $64.99, 6 months one cost $159.99. There’s also a possibility to auto-renew your membership.

Final Words

Sugar Daddy Meet is a great place to start looking for sugar dates. Membership prices might be a little bit high at first, however, it’s worth to pay. With great and professional tools, you can be guaranteed to meet and greet attractive singles across the world in a matter of few clicks. Download Sugar Daddy Meet and have a fun tonight!

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Millionaire Match is largest and original dating service for rich and wealthy people who are looking for sugar-dating as well. It’s a corresponding application to a website with the same name and same purposes. With almost 3 million active users who are willing to meet and great singles across the world, Millionaire Match is a perfect place for the lifestyle of a rich and famous. Mentioned multiple times in publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, is exclusive and legit dating service trusted by many people.

Look and Feel

When you run the application for the first time you either need to register or log in with a valid account if you already did this by It’s a one-time registration and won’t take long to be completed. The dark background is pleasant for eyes and brings some luxurious look and feel. Users interface looks nice and all functions seem to be accessible and easy to find.

Key Features

Millionaire match is one of that kind of dating applications which are well-made with all tools created to help winning someone's' heart. Searching is very advanced here, because of multiple criteria to choose from. You can browse your local singles or someone who is living on the other side of the globe. Communication has no restriction here, and you can say “hello” to anyone wish to, not only to your matches proposed by the application. All profiles need to be verified, and you can get millionaire certification by proving your income.

If you are in need of help there’s a 24/7 help and customer center. As a paid member you can obtain successful dating advice from counselor and expert. Millionaire Match makes you an option to choose a different kind of membership to get full access to either application and website. Members are not divided here into female and male. 1-month subscription cost $69.99.

Final Words

Millionaire Match is luxurious and exclusive application powered by Successful Match group. It’s s great opportunity to meet local rich singles and meet them in a matter of time. Many famous stars and Hollywood actors chose millionaire match as their way to find love. Even tough membership is a bit expensive, there shouldn’t be a problem to pay for it if you are rich and famous or willing to meet someone like this for having a luxurious lifetime. This is also a good place to search for sugar relationships in your area.

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Most of the famous dating websites have a corresponding application which helps to contract your crushes when outside. Seeking Arrangement is not the exception. Today we would like to present Seeking Arrangement app, created, developed and bring up for sugar dating. With a huge success of the website, founder, and CEO Brandon Wade decided to put sugar dating on another level and released a mobile app. It’s great and convenient way to meet and greet sugar babies and sugar daddies across the world within few clicks. Seeking arrangement is a huge community with over 4 million users and had been featured in publications like Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times.

Look and Feel

When using the app for the first time, you need to through simple and easy registration or use your current login and password from Seeking Arrangement website if you already have an account. White background is pleasant for eyes, and mobile app layout looks exactly the same as the website itself. There’s no mistake to say that somehow mobile app is a copy of the actual website. Seeking arrangement app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

From a service with over 4 million people, we do expect great features and professional, well-made look and Seeking Arrangement pass all those things. This app requires verified profiles, so there’s no change for being spam or scam which might happen with a huge number of members. The average wealthy member on this app has an average net income of over $250K+ and income need to be verified as well.

You can search and browse profile anonymously if you want to and your data information are well protected. They will never get in third’s parties hands. Messages and communication tools work freely here, it means you are allowed to send a message and greeting to anyone you want. There’s no restriction and you can contact either your matches or people who caught your attention while browsing the app. Membership prices had been divided here and depend on if you are sugar baby or sugar daddy. Wealthy (dedicated to daddies) costs from $34.99 for 7 days unlimited access. Attractive membership (mostly for sugar babies) costs from $14.99 for 7 days unlimited access.

Final Words

Seeking Arrangement app is something you need to try on if you are into a sugar-dating and exclusive lifestyle. Not only you can browse from over 4 million of people across the world, but if you are a sugar daddy, be sure that the ratio of sugar babies waiting for you there is 1:4. This is well trusted and legit service mentioned a couple of time in publications.

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#4 Sudy

If you are a fan of sugar dating, sexy and attractive ladies and rich and handsome guys, for sure you need to try out brand new “Tinder like” mobile application called Sudy. With high technology and easy access, Sudy gives the best experience in dating, and it’s one of top rated sugar relationship’s related mobile application out there. Sudy App doesn’t have the corresponding website, it’s a website and app all in one. What makes it so special? Let’s find out.

Look and Feel

When you first start the application you have to go through quick and brief registration process. It’s one time registrations and will give you instant access to all features and ability to expand your membership and profile. Sudy is a well-made app and has a professional and luxurious feeling. This app is available in few languages.

Key Features

Sudy App has a bunch of features which comes in handy while sugar dating. First of all messaging and communication are on the best level here, all in all, this is how you start finding love – by sending messages. They are unlimited, and voice messages are possible as well. The searching tool is great and detailed. You can browse people from your area, or expand searching criteria into more wide ones. All profiles need to be verified, and you can proof your income too. There’s no possibility of spam or scam, what’s so ever, you can decide if newly registered members can join Sudy community or not.

You can post and browse social media profiles or other users, share a moment together and comment on them. By collecting coins you can spend them on buying virtual gifts to someone who caught your eyes. Tinder like a match-matching tool where all you need to do is swipe left/ right will help you in finding matches in a matter of a couple of hours. Sudy App requires paid membership. Prices are different and depend on what kind of person you are looking for. 1-month membership for sugar daddy cost $59.99, 1-month membership for sugar baby cost $9.99. For a pack of coins to spend inside the app, you need to pay $2.99. You can auto-renew membership payments.

Final Words

Sudy App, as we mention before is one of best apps for sugar-dating which had been ever created. Even though membership is a little bit expensive, it’s still worth trying. If you are more like social media person you will find this application useful and interesting as well. Scam and spam free app like Sudy, where you need to verify your profile and income, is a great chance and opportunity to make your life sweet!

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SugarD (stands for Sugar Daddy) is an elite application for rich ladies and gentlemen who are looking for sugar relationship. Not only it’s had been seen in abc NEWS, allure and couple of other publications. For sure it’s top rated and premium place for all single people across the globe who are living a luxury life. SugarD is an app which doesn’t have the corresponding website so it’s like a dating service itself.

Look and Feel

After starting the app for the first time, you need to make a one-time registration, which can be processed by Facebook account. After this, you can upgrade membership in order to start searching for sugar people across the globe. The application has a professional feeling and nice blackish background which match icons on the screen.

Key Features

Sugar D is a highly recommended app for sugar dating, and it has a bunch of well-made features to help users in receive their love goals in a short matter of time.All profiles need to be verified in order to become a full member and start searching for love. This is great to avoid spam and scam. Guys can get a diamond certificate while proving income. As for sugar babies, they can upload a picture without makeup in order to receive beauty verification emblem. Tinder- like swipe match matching game is very easy to access and all you do is just move fingers left or right to find a perfect match. You can do it anonymously as well. Match people can chat to each other for free.

Communication works great here, and without any problem, you can contact whoever you wish to. Talking about membership, Sugar D has a few options here. Price is various depends on if you are sugar baby or sugar daddy. Service is cheaper for sugar babies, which is quite understandable. Prices start from $69.99 to $299.99 for daddies and from $34.99 for babies. All payments can be auto-renew. Sugar D is also a social media application where you can share your moments and browse others.

Final Words

Sugar D app is a great and efficient way to meet and greet sugar singles around the world. Not only you can be sure it’s a free of spam dating service because of multiple verifications and certificates to get, but also by an even first glance at the app you might know it's high-quality content. With reasonable membership prices and great tools to use, it has a big potential to be your number one app while adding a few sweetness to your love life.

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