Can sugar baby be older than sugar daddy?

Sugar dating brings lots of controversies into the dating world. Not only it’s a relation based on sex and money but might give some “prostitution” feeling. Another controversial topic is the age difference between a sugar daddy and sugar baby. In most of the cases, daddies are 40 + while sugar babies are only around 20.

What about older ladies who are also willing to have sugar relationship where mutual benefits will be the main key. Is it possible that sugar baby can be older than sugar daddy and will it bring even more scandal and gossip? In our opinion, there’s few arguments for and few things against it.

Arguments for:
1.Some sugar daddies might actually like an older woman more than young and attractive ones. They find them well-experienced and great lovers in bed. In some sugar relationships, age is not that big problem and even an older, mature woman can become cute, sweet and innocent sugar baby.

2.Some older woman is looking for a sugar daddy because of her bad financial situation. Retirements and social privileges are getting bad in most of the countries. Sadly, old and alone woman do not have enough amount of cash for proper living that’s why they decided to find a sugar daddy in the case to survive. This might be somehow connected with prostitution as well.

3.Sugar dating is not that restricted and every is allowed to enter such relationship. Doesn’t matter if you are old or young, everything is for people despite age or cultural background. It’s not a crime to become sugar baby if you are mature already.

4.Some older woman prefers to date with younger guys to feel more attractive and young. There's’ nothing wrong in the desire to feel the youth again, and dating younger partner will make them feel better and more enjoyable.

Arguments against:
1.This is not a typical model or sugar relationship. In most of the cases, a sugar daddy is way much older than sugar baby. In the case where sugar baby is older than sugar daddy, people might find it weirder since it’s something unusual.

2.An Older woman dating younger guy might be called as “cougar dating” instead of sugar dating. Cougar relationship is a perfect type of love for an older woman who is looking for a young and attractive partner. It's similar to sugar dating, however, cougarism is not based on gifts and luxurious items but only on sex and spending time together.

3.Such relationship might be considered as prostitution. There is no women in the world who wants to be called as a prostitute even though she really doing her job well. If an older woman meets a younger guy and their relationship is based on money (as in sugar dating) she might be considered to be paid by the guy to spend time with him. Even though sugar dating and prostitution have many things in common, there’s still some slight differences between them.

All in all, there’s some possibilities that older woman can become a sugar baby and be older than the guy she is meeting. However, this is something unusual and not common to see.

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